About Us

Our company

EUNHA Healthcare is a Leicester based company with a passionate and dedicated team driving it forward. Our company name is derived from the Korean feminine name which means a silver stream or galaxy.  EUNHA, when defined as galaxy translate to a large group of impressive people. The name EUNHA was inspired by the quality-of-care knowledge, training and experience which our directors, management, team of carers and support workers brings together to our clients.  Our logo comprises of the dove, eggs and a nest which symbolises love, peace and gentleness. The logo represents EUNHA providing personalised care to the community.

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Why Choose Us

Our values

  • We exist to provide a caring, flexible, reliable and efficient service, with our clients at heart.
  • We firmly believe in our clients’ independence, their right to make choices and their right to privacy and dignity.
  • We seek to support our service users to remain valued members of our community irrespective of ability or disability, leading as comfortable and fulfilled lives as possible.

Our objectives

Our aim is to promote independent living within the comfort of the home, to help enable our clients to pursue a life that’s as full and interesting as possible. To accomplish this we want:

  • To deliver care to adults with an infirmity, disability or the elderly in their own homes.
  • To provide a high standard of person-centered and safe care, which maintains the client’s privacy needs and preferences.
  • To help individuals with a variety of disabilities and complex needs live an independent life and make choices.
  • To be providers of choice to our clients while maintaining a safe, effective, caring and responsive service.
  • To meet and exceed the expectations of our service users, in a way which promotes their wellbeing.